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Product Features

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  • Range of patterns (traditional, classical profiles and contemporary texture)

  • Range of colours all fast and permanent

  • Various colouring techniques-blends, premix, toning and antiquing.

Contrast borders


  • Curved planting areas (inclusive)

  • Recessed manhole covers for compatibility

  • Improves rather than deteriorates with age  

  • Unique and exciting colour, each installation can be different

Practical Features


  • Durability

  • Skid resistant (Category C)

  • Additional non-slip treatment for pool surrounds, steep inclines, play areas etc.

  • Demarcation by colour and /or pattern for functional areas

  • Faster drainage

  • Theft/vandal proof



  • Weed free

  • Sealed surface for easy cleaning

  • No sinking or spreading

  • Colourfast

  • Colour matching of repairs if required

  • Can be re-sealed for that brand new look

Installation and Specification


  • Quick to install No kerbing or haunching necessary can be designed to take unlimited loads Flexible i.e. can be easily contoured

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